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Lucid Exams

Secure on-line exams, done right

Lucid Exams is the leading provider of on-line proctored exam solutions.

Whether you need to administer a certification test, a college exam, or a job interview, Lucid Exams can help you ensure the integrity and security of your assessment. With Lucid Exams, you can create and manage your exams online, monitor your candidates in real time, and review their performance with advanced analytics

What is Lucid Exams?

The Lucid online examination system is a structured, automated system that produces instant results and saves time. It provides complete exam solutions, including exam setup, excellent proctoring, communication, and certification.

With transparency in online exams, you can identify and discourage academic dishonesty during remote assessments. Software using artificial intelligence may recognise unusual movements, sounds, and behaviours.

The system aims to give students an easier way of writing exams without the fear of missing out due to other factors such as sickness or injury. A system that would make conducting and evaluating examinations not only massive but also simple, cost-effective, and much faster.