About us

At Lucidity, we understand the needs for each individual and organisation to have the IT skills required to compete favorably in the internet age.

Therefore, we are a team of professionals who are dedicated to offering industry-leading IT training to all and sundry. With our unrivaled expertise, vast wealth of experience, and up-to-date training, we are ready to help businesses and individuals learn different IT skills.

From Web Development, Mobile Apps, Database development to Graphic design and so on, Lucidity provides training on a wide range of courses. Our strong dedication to honesty, accountability, and respect ensure that the experience of each learner is optimised. Check out our IT solutions to learn more about us.

Our Vision

To consistently and expertly improve the IT competence and skills of various individuals and organisations to make them relevant and marketable in the technologically advanced world

Our Mission

Our mission at Lucidity is to provide groundbreaking, value-driven, and consistent training and professional development certifications to individuals and organisations.

Our Values

  • Respect
    We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and appreciated. We respect and learn from every party – trainers, trainees, and partners.
  • Freedom
    Everyone has a unique need and preference. We give our individual learners, corporate learners, and organisations the freedom of deciding the skills they would like to learn from our seasoned experts.
  • Integrity
    We strive from time to time to adhere to industry ethical standards. We honor our promises and business dealings through utmost honesty and open communications about every action that we take.
  • Commitment
    We continue to show our dedication to excellence and consistency by creating and offering top-of-the-line courses that are relevant in today’s business world. Our tailor-made solution speaks volume about our commitment.
  • Innovation
    We strongly believe that learning is a never-ending process. Our training solutions are constantly improved and updated based on the obtainable standard that will suit the current need of our trainees.
  • Responsibility
    We work together as a team of passionate professionals so as to meet the specific needs of our learners. We consistently demonstrate our dedication to helping our trainees discover and develop their skills until they achieve optimal results.
  • Accountability
    Every member of our team understands that we are as trustworthy as our past actions. Therefore, we strive to give our best every time. Also, we do not shy away from taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions.